(P44) In more clear language, a $300 national transfer of this nature, will cost a sender almost nothing, but may mostly likely cost the recipient between $1 to $5 or thereabout.

(P45a) GECCOZ INTELE South Deutsche Investment Corporation was reported of saying during a Frankfurt newspaper interview that “since the introduction of these inventions seems to be a very scary economic development to multinationals such as Western union, Money gram, Money link and others, we are looking forward to work hand in hand with everybody.

(45b) Multinational Corporations that involved in massive profiteering and vast money laundering activities may definately frown on these GECCOZ INTELE development, but the real truth of this matter has made history of the days of unaccounted for Money Transfer Activities at all level of societal transactions”.

(P46) It is apparent and evident that GECCOZ INTELE South Deutsche Investment Corporation has demonstrated a visibly and un-challengeable technological superiority and leadership in international Money Transfer and Cellular Communication Billing Technologies.

(P47) These are claims made by Dr MZM Allamin during the introductory publication of an innovative system of an Instant Mobile phones Money Transfer Mechanism .

(P48) This achievement, since never been known or used, was simply made possible thanks to the invention of these cell phone Top Up and Scratch Cards invented and designed by Mathematician and Engineer Dr MZM Allamin.

(P49) GSM Environmentally Certified Communication credit & Currency Conveying Card, is a typical cell phone Top-Up or scratch card like any, except that this particular design (the size of a conventional credit card) can be used by clients of all associated member cell phone service providing concerns world wide.

(P50) This same 10,000 YEN brown and white colored BAMBOO card, shown in the attached photographs, is designed for and sold in Japan & China for DOCOMO and CHINA MOBILE clients; the very card is equally usable world wide by clients of all UNIOM GSM ECOPZON subscribed telephone & money transfer service providers.

(P51) The very card would have been equally usable by both ZANTEL & VODACOM clients. Most vital element in this GECCOZ INTELE Innovation is that maximum security has surely been guaranteed in that potentially fraudulent clients’ will never be able to reload more than once from a sole UNIOM GSM ECOPZON Scratch card.

(P52) By merging The GSM ECOPZON and The GSM DEF-FIC-CEAT Technologies (both patented properties of GECCOZ INTELE South Deutsche Investment Corporation) brighter lights are lit for innovative and forward striving institutions such as ZANTEL & VODACOM especially in achieving their Z-CASH and M-PESA internationalization development objectives.

(P53) The patent documents; Descriptions; Claims and Priority dates receipts, Trade Mark Registratioms and Patent filing receipts attached .

(P54) The technical descriptions of the invention (OF WHICH COPIES WERE ALREADY SENT TO THE WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER C/O KRISTIN KELLY) will now be revealed by describing the mechanism on which The UNIOM GSM ECOPZON Scratch Card works.
Text Written, Typed, & Edited By:
Phys. Hansali Van Geeneen
Dr. Frank Manheim Mahler.
Dr. Kvame Nee Kvvade
Dr. Omar Hazir Bint ALgali L'lamin
Dr. Mickhaeel Zanounu M AL'lamin